• JdeBP is down

    From Andy Roberts@1:109/921.1 to All on Tue Jun 27 11:11:03 2000
    cc: OS2, OS2REXX, OS2HW

    All ,

    JdeBP had a HD failure Monday before last. He can not boot his home
    machine. No recent backup. He is still looking for a new HD, an external
    SCSI Orb and cartridges (in the UK) (for better backup next time) and
    possibly some place that can recover his data for a small price. He found
    some place that wanted £1.25 per megibyte, which comes out at over £10,000
    for a 9.1GiB HD.

    If you have suggestions for JdeBP, then send them to me and I will get
    them to him. Please be brief, all I have is his work address, which is
    not necessarily private.

    Thanks and Good Luck, Andy Roberts
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