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    From David Noon@2:257/609.5 to Sean Dennis on Mon Nov 18 18:49:44 2002
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    Hi Sean,

    Replying to a message of Sean Dennis to David Noon:

    I am really wanting to learn REXX though.

    Time for me to put a few tutorial messages and some sample code into OS2REXX, it would seem. ... :-)

    I think I'll write some OREXX-centred tutorials, as that will allow people who have been slightly wary of the newer features of REXX to try their hand at OOP.


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  • From Francois Thunus@1:1/0 to Sean Dennis on Wed Nov 20 17:52:00 2002
    Hello Sean!

    I am really wanting to learn REXX though.

    I wrote a tutorial a long time ago (checked by M. C. himself) and that was put
    online one of the OS/2 programming website. Unfortunately I don't quite remember, I think it was OS2BBS.COM. A quick search on the net should yield it. The tutorial is aimed toward people who have a small experience with batch programming under dos and is meant as a gentle introduction.to Rexx. It's about
    6-7 pages, not more.
    Maybe that's a starting point.

    -= Francois =-


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