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    From David Noon@1:218/903 to Will Honea on Wed Jul 24 20:26:46 2002
    Hi Will,

    Replying to a message of Will Honea to Sarah Nunez:

    Sara, I assume you really mean CVS. If so, get a copy of jCVS from http://www.jcvs.org/ and go with that. It's a Java gui
    implementation of CVS that takes much of the grief out of the
    Unix-ese needed to run the command line CVS. Runs with Java 1.1.8 or 1.3.x. The command line is great once you learn it but I can never remember all the gotchas with update/checkout/commit <g>.

    Does this work with both Sourceforge's and Netlabs' servers? At least one of them, perhaps both, is very picky about which CVS implementations it talks to.

    There might also be an OS/2 port of Cervisia, the LINUX GUI front-end to CVS. This would be far preferable to Java bloatware. I might take a look around for this, as I dislike the CVS commands too.

    If you really meant CSV, then disregard all prior babbling.

    It's CVS, as the code comes from Sourceforge.


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