• Win NT Pinball.dll -> Wi

    From Will Honea@1:109/347 to Vince Coen on Mon Oct 15 17:00:02 2001
    Vince Coen wrote to All on 10/15/2000
    I saw it on 10/15/2001!

    Hello All!

    Does anyone know if Win NT v3.51 copy of Pinball that
    allows Win NT v4.0 to read/write to HPFS will work with Win
    2000 SP2?

    If so, will the procedure that was distributed as
    HPFS_NT4.ZIP that updates the registry will also work with
    Win 2000?

    Nope. Doesn't work on W95/98/me/2k/xp, just NT4

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