• Multi-platform Apps

    From Don Guy@1:249/176 to Mike Luther on Wed Sep 26 06:09:10 2001
    Greetings Mike!

    A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, a coded message from Mike Luther
    to Don Guy was intercepted...

    However that toolset which let you do this for Borland PASCAL, if my information is correct, is confined to, again 16 bit native OS/2
    programs. It does not extend to 32 Bit PM style operations. Thus its usefulness in the modern GUI world is limited, one would think.

    Not a problem in my case--all I'm dealing with at the moment are a couple of quick-and-dirty command line utilities.

    Personally, I want a combined executable which runs unter native OS/2 or WIN or LINUX as a single distributed .EXE program. What I'd LOVE to
    do his have that from PowerBASIC source via the PB/CC compiler which
    is soon to be available for LINUX, it seems.

    Have you given any thought to taking the Java route?


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