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    From David Noon@2:257/609.5 to Eddy Thilleman on Sat Apr 28 12:10:22 2001
    Hi Eddy,

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    function NextPos( var str1, str2: string; var start: byte ): boolean; assembler; { search next occurrence of str1 in str2 }

    Should I replace the instruction 'LES DI, START' by 'MOV EDI, START'
    or by 'LEA EDI, START'?

    I see Tom has answered your initial query about assembler instructions.

    You might care to look in the Speedsoft run-time library (assuming you are using SpeedPascal/2 or Sibyl) for some function that already does this. Take a look at StrPos() and StrScan(), especially the first one. If you can exploit one of these it will save you a lot of redevelopment work.


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  • From Jonathan de Boyne Pollard@2:257/609.3 to Eddy Thilleman on Wed Apr 25 14:48:18 2001
    But because of the flat memory space, these can't be loaded with an
    like LDS or LES [...]

    Just use MOV (or LEA if appropriate).

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  • From Eddy Thilleman@2:280/5143.7 to Tom Torfs on Fri Apr 27 02:19:28 2001
    Hello Tom,

    Thursday 26 April 2001 23:58, Tom Torfs wrote to Eddy Thilleman:

    Should I replace the instruction 'LES DI, START' by 'MOV EDI,
    START' or by 'LEA EDI, START'?

    I think in this case they are equivalent. Mov would be more usual.

    Can the 8-bit- and 16-bit parts of the 32-bit-registers (AX
    consists of AH and AL, AX is the lower half of EAX) still be used
    in 32-bit code


    , can I still use statements like 'MOV BL, CL' in 32-bit?


    Another feature I remember finding useful is that in 32-bit you can
    use any general purpose register as index register.

    Couldn't that already be done in 16-bit programming?

    Thanks, I'll need some time to study my assembler books.

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