• 2.88 MB Floppy Operations? (BootOS2)

    From Andy Roberts@1:109/921.1 to Mike Luther on Fri Mar 16 23:26:50 2001
    Mike Luther,

    16-Mar-01 22:45:50, Mike Luther wrote to Kris Steenhaut
    Subject: 2.88 MB Floppy Operations?

    2. xdf formatted floppies are *read only*.

    XDF is just an FDFormat size. It is not Read Only. In fact with the
    1.72MB XDF format I do not even need FDREAD nor XDFLOPPY.FLT.

    Even at a minimal boot the os has to write some minimal temp files
    to disk (even when the tempfile is zero in size).

    So, save some of your own precious time and forget about it.

    Having read that last night, this morning I have a solution.

    Bottom line: the xdf format wasn't one of Big Blue's brightest

    EOF .. ;)

    Sneaky (manual) BootOS2:

    1.) UnZip FDForm18.zip into dir FDForm18.
    2.) Load Novel DOS7
    3.) Blank diskette in drive A: then from inside dir FDForm18 run:
    FDFORMAT A: F172
    4.) Repeat for 2nd blank diskette: FDFORMAT A: F172
    result: 1,745,408 bytes free on each (1.44MB) diskette.

    5.) Load OS/2
    6.) Put F172 diskette in drive A:
    7.) sysinstx A:
    result: Bootable diskette with os2boot 1105 3-17-01 5:15a *HSRA
    8.) Copy everything from previous BootOS2 A to that same diskette.
    9.) Copy everything from previous BootOS2 B to the other diskette.
    result based on my FP9:

    --- Disk#1 ---
    The volume label in drive A is BOOTOS2_1.
    The Volume Serial Number is 41D7:DE88.
    Directory of A:\

    OS2 <DIR> 3-19-99 9:24a
    ea data. sf 2048 3-17-01 5:20a *HSRA
    os2boot 1105 3-17-01 5:15a *HSRA
    BK-REST TXT 1971 3-23-99 7:27p *personal note
    CONFIG BAK 981 11-07-00 8:06a *personal
    CONFIG SY0 853 4-24-99 11:14a *personal
    CONFIG SY1 853 4-24-99 11:14a *personal
    CONFIG SYS 981 2-28-01 12:44a
    COUNTRY SYS 38803 1-08-98 11:31a
    OS2KRNL 601505 10-12-98 1:54p
    OS2LDR 33280 7-28-98 5:25p
    OS2LDR MSG 8368 9-25-98 11:46a
    POPUPLOG OS2 1795 10-28-00 11:40p
    11 file(s) 689390 bytes used
    336896 bytes free

    The volume label in drive A is BOOTOS2_1.
    The Volume Serial Number is 41D7:DE88.
    Directory of A:\OS2

    . <DIR> 3-17-01 5:17a
    .. <DIR> 3-17-01 5:17a
    DLL <DIR> 3-19-99 9:24a