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    Hi mark--

    aren't there header files on the warp4 cd for those of us who want
    >to code/break programs for our systems? for some reason i'm
    >thinking that there are... these should also be accurate for use on
    >a warp3 system, right?

    "Header" is C/C++ nomenclature. Other compiled languages that I am familiar with call them "include" files :-). There are at least two
    sets of header files for OS/2 C/C++ compilers. One contains the headers
    for the "Standard Library" functions--the sort of functions that are
    "built in" to every other language processor that I am familiar with.
    The second set refers to the library for the OS/2 API (Application
    Program Interface) functions. While these are written as C/C++
    functions, they are not a portion of Standard C/C++. (There may be
    other third-party OS/2 C/C++ libraries, issued in the form of a set of
    header files along with the appropriate .LIB and .DLL files.)

    As Andre has already told you, the programming "header" files are
    not furnished with the OS/2 system distribution CD-ROM. All OS/2 C/C++ compilers furnish the "Standard Library" set, updated to the specs that
    existed at the time the library was originally concocted. These should
    work on any version of OS/2 that the compiler will run under. Some OS/2
    C/C++ compilers also furnish the OS/2 API set (mine does not). These
    will not contain API functions that were created after the date the API
    library was licensed from IBM.

    The OS/2 API function "header" files for C/C++ compilers are
    distributed as part of the IBM "Developer's Toolkit." Toolkits 2.1 (and earlier) were sold separately, both from OS/2, itself, and from the IBM
    C/C++ compilers written for that (and earlier) versions of OS/2. Later versions of the Toolkit are distributed only with DevCon (the "IBM
    Developer Connection," now renamed the "IBM Development Toolbox"). The Toolkits contain the API header files for C/C++ and the include files
    (.INC) for Assembly Language. The v 4 Toolkit will work with Warp 3
    corrected to some FixPak level--I don't remember which one. Some early
    issues of DevCon also contain the v 3 toolkit. The newest issue of the "Toolbox" contains only Toolkit 4 and Toolkit 4.5.

    For other programming languages, you have to depend on the compiler
    vendor to supply the API "include" files. The PL/I OS/2 API "include"
    .CPY files came with my PL/I compiler. I also have a set of API .BI
    "include" files for the vintage-1990 MS BASIC PDS compiler v 7.1 for
    16-bit OS/2 v 1.0. AFAIK, this was the last compiler MS wrote for OS/2.
    The compiler, as well as OS/2 application programs compiled with it, run
    fine under Warp 4, FixPak 5.


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