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    I, the moderator of the below referenced TeamOS2 echo am forwarding this one particular message from the TeamOS2 echo (actually from the WarpCast email list) to one or two other OS2 based echos in the hopes of the below project locating OS2 programmers interested in helping with this project. Please, if you are interested in helping with this project, reply to ltning@anduin.net.

    Dave Calafrancesco

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    Subject: [WarpCast] New OS/2 filesystem?
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    Network Trace for OS/2
    - Turn any OS/2 machine into a network probe.
    - Take a trace on any segment in the network, in minutes.
    - A software-only, hardware-independent implementation.


    Source: Eirik Overby (ltning@anduin.net)
    Moderator: Trevor Smith (feedback@warpcast.com) -------------------------------------------------------

    There is a team of FreeBSD developers currently working on HPUFS -
    High Performance Universal File System. This team has expressed a
    wish to have some OS/2 developers with them, to develop a OS/2
    version of the filesystem in parallel with the FreeBSD version. The
    "Universal" part of the name reflects this - the filesystem is
    designed to be multi-platform, and has VERY many nice features both
    for this use and other things. From what I've seen, it's a very
    unique thing, taking the best from JFS, HPFS, and certain other unix filesystems, plus adding some never-seen-before things.

    I therefore ask: Are there anyone reading this who would be
    interested in contributing?

    If so, contact me at: ltning@anduin.net

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