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    From David Noon@2:257/609.5 to All on Sat Aug 26 10:29:34 2000
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    I snipped this from Compuserve's capture of WarpCast. It looks as though there will be fixes available for all those nagging buglets in the Watcom compilers and, more particularly, ancillary tools such as the linker.


    <Team PL/I>


    Sybase, Inc. (NASDAQ-SYBS) today announced that it will release the source code
    to its Watcom C/C++ and Fortran compilers under an Open Source license, thus enabling Watcom users to continue to use the products and evolve them to meet the changing needs of the Watcom community.

    [Note: this project is maintained by Kendall Bennett, who we all know from Scitech Software!]


    When asked for a comment on the relevancy to the OS/2 community of this announcement, Mr. Bennett replied:

    It is very relevant to all OS/2 users. The Watcom compiler fully
    supports OS/2 development (both 16-bit and 32-bit), and we have a
    number of OS/2 developers on the core team (Timur Tabi is one of
    them). Hence we expect the OS/2 version will improve markedly as
    many of us want to see some of the major OS/2 bugs fixed (like
    support for multi-threading in the debugger etc). Also given that
    IBM recently canned VAC++, the OS/2 version will become even more
    important in the future.

    I am actually going to be giving a presentation on the Open Watcom
    compilers at Warpstock. The presentation will focus on exactly what
    will be included, and how this will affect the OS/2 community.

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