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    From mark lewis@1:3634/12 to all on Sun Jun 4 09:54:22 2000
    i've got dmake 38 and 40 here... i've tried numerous times to compile it/them with my emx as referenced in my previous message (emxrev output shows 60 for all)... i'm currently using a dmake binary that was compiled with emx09a and am
    getting a conflict with _chdir in infer.c...

    here's the error message...

    Sun Jun 4, 2000
    4OS/2 (0) | H:\dmake >dmake.emx09a
    md objects
    gcc -c -I. -Iemx -DOS2 -U__GNUC__ -Zmtd -O infer.c
    In file included from extern.h:66,
    from infer.c:40:
    emx\public.h:161: conflicting types for `_chdir'
    h:\emx\include\stdlib.h:194: previous declaration of `_chdir'
    DMAKE.EMX09A.EXE: Error code 1, while making 'objects/infer.o'

    and here are the referenced lines...

    int _chdir ANSI((char *));

    int _chdir (__const__ char *);

    ok... ??? i can see the difference in the line but i don't know what the difference actually is or what it causes... how can i fix so i can finally compile dmake.emx09d??


    * Origin: (1:3634/12)