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    From Stewart Honsberger@1:229/604 to Coridon Henshaw on Mon Feb 21 15:27:16 2000
    20 Feb 2000 17:09, Coridon Henshaw wrote to andrew graham:

    Aside from MS' strongarm tactics and IBM's stupidity, what killed
    OS/2 was the lack of hardware support and applications. Unless an
    OS/2 clone sprouts the ability to run Win32 programs better than WINE does, nothing will bring the OS back from the grave.

    Why must OS/2 support another OSs applications? Just look for OS/2
    equivalents. I'm quite comfortable with my suite of OS/2 applications,
    and find that I don't require Windoze for anything except for my banking security software (proprietary Win32 app). I'll be switching banks
    shortly, to one that utilizes browser security rather than a 3rd party application.

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