• TCP/IP - Neigborhood Router Woes

    From Mike Luther@1:117/3001 to All on Sun Oct 28 01:04:48 2001
    My IP's tech and I are puzzled.

    I'm with COX on a cable system. Have been for a long time. I stumbled on one of the Israeli info sites which has been useful to watch in gathering 'what next?' data on the political situations. But with that has come a problem for my neighbors!

    I'm using NS 4.61, TCP/IP I guess it is 4.1, at any rate the one that uses WR8425 and UN980 as the now top of the fixme line for it. I have digit block, somehow on all these version numbers .. but whatever, that's the version I have.

    When I click on:


    I get the sometimes seen peg on the CPU meter on the WPS, but this thing stays up there in segments of action like that for maybe two minutes or more before this thing finally loads!

    During the entire time it is loading, the entire desktop is frozen. If you happen to have the cursor over the Netscape window, the cursor turns into the little clock and stays there until it starts another segment of this behavior.
    For most of this cycle, you can do nothing with the desktop and the box is still working, as to other tasks continuing, but you can't change focus, nor use the keyboard at all.

    The latest Warp 4.5 Kernel, PMMERGE, and so on in the Fixpack 15 and onward saga, nor backleveling to the initial Fixpack 15 stuff make no difference. But I can't do anything about the TCP/IP game. Sort of "I am what I am.",logic, chuckling here...

    More important, if you have a PING window set up to look at the cable router, the IP's DNS, IP's main server, and so on, the times to reach them stretch out to even 4000 MS for all of them!

    I've been curious about this since I hit it. But there are other more important things and it came to focus with my IP during the recent run of tech-talk during the viruses (viri) which were pounding the system and still are. Yes Johnathan, men write viruses, even the polymorphic kind, it was good punishment ... chuckle!

    The COX tech was dumbfounded when he and I were doing joint PING and TRACERTE operations coordinated over the phone between us. He is in Tyler,Texas, and I'm in College Station, Texas. He watches the cable system here starting at my
    neighborhood router start taking up to 4000 MS ping times as soon as I see the effect at my box! Between us we narrowed it down to a point in the connection traffic when DEBKA is sending data to me, not me sending anything to DEBKA.

    The tech confirms that when my site becomes involved in this, the entire collection of cable people here is in for the long haul too! Yet both of us agree that there is no traffic passing over the connection; the modem and router are silent for data. He and I are puzzled.

    I posted this in the WWW Usegroup. Many people can see this site in about 10 seconds or so total load time with OS/2 and NS 4.6.latest. Others have the same effect as I do. I thought it was geographically oriented as to the flaw, but Stan Goodman, in Israel, sees the effect too! Yet at the same time, the COX tech in Tyler does not. Nor does Al Savage out on the West Coast.

    Al Savage indicates that it is a 'feature' of Netscape wherein it takes Netscape forever to render the huge text frames that DEBKA sends in with the hookup to their site. He indicates that only Netscape for OS/2 has the CPU bashing symptoms. The Tyler tech has the same experience.

    I can buy that. However, even if that is true, the system should not be able to tie up a router sending it into delay oblivion, just while it is rendering text! And if so, why do some of us see it and others do not? The thread ran out in the Usegroup with no further suggestios.

    Both COX and I want to know what's causing this. If it is a flaw in the OS/2 side of the house, both of us want to see if we can get it addressed. However neither of us knows quite where to turn with the tools available at our level of knowledge. COX really has some quality people aboard that do listen, to my experience. They state they have very little experience with OS/2, but are, so
    told me, *NOT* a WIN operation. They are told me to be solid UNIX, which I guess must mean LINUX, but maybe are for-real SUN SOLARIS or whatever like that.

    Any thoughts on this one?

    Sleep well; OS/2's still awake! ;)

    Mike @ 1:117/3001

    --- Maximus/2 3.01
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  • From mark lewis@1:3634/12 to Mike Luther on Wed Oct 31 15:26:06 2001
    When I click on:


    FWIW: here is a tracerte to www.debka.com from this location...

    0 dialup.rollinginternet.com ( 102 ms 110 ms 109 ms
    1 dialup.rollinginternet.com ( 109 ms 109 ms 117 ms
    2 router.rollinginternet.com ( 109 ms 110 ms 109 ms
    3 ( 109 ms ( 109 ms
    4 gbr5-p51.wswdc.ip.att.net ( 110 ms 110 ms 125 ms
    5 gbr4-p100.wswdc.ip.att.net ( 117 ms 109 ms 110 ms
    6 gbr2-p100.wswdc.ip.att.net ( 133 ms 117 ms 110 ms
    7 gr1-p3110.wswdc.ip.att.net ( 132 ms 125 ms 109 ms
    8 iad-att.iad.above.net ( 172 ms 172 ms 172ms
    9 core1-core3-oc48.iad1.above.net ( 179 ms 180ms 187 ms
    10 sjc2-iad1-oc48.sjc2.above.net ( 180 ms 172ms 188 ms
    11 core6-sjc2-oc48-2.sjc1.above.net ( 179 ms 172 ms 180 ms 12 core2-sjc1-oc3.sjc6.above.net ( 179 ms 196ms 195 ms
    13 100tx-f6-1.mae-west.he.net ( 187 ms 180 ms 195 ms
    14 gige-g0-0.gsr12008.fmt.he.net ( 172 ms 188 ms 164 ms
    15 debka.com ( 203 ms 180 ms 172 ms

    watch the wordwrap and note that hop 3 is dual T1s bonded together (or something like that... loadbalancing??)...

    FWIW2: i've check the above site from here on windows, linux and os/2 versions of netscape... all render the site just fine...

    platform netscape version
    windows 4.78 128bit
    linux 4.73 40bit
    os/2 2.02 40bit

    i don't know what else i may be able to do to assist you...


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