• Missing sysops -can you help find them?

    From Steve Hayes@5:7106/22 to All on Sat Jul 21 00:22:00 2001
    * Crossposted from: The International Genealogy Conference

    I keep a list of current BBSs, and when I was trying to
    update it recently, mail to the following sysops was returned as undeliverable.

    Does anyone know if any of these BBSs are still operating?

    It could be that the sysops have just changed their e-mail
    addreses and not let me know.

    If any of the sysops are reading this, please let me know
    your current e-mail address. In the mean time, I will be
    assuming that the BBSs are down, and will remove them from
    the list.

    For the lists, see the following web pages:

    General BBSs


    Genealogy BBSs




    Australia, Cockatoo Cockatoo Chat BBS
    Phone: 61-3-5968-9229
    Sysop: Mary Jane Kirby <kirby@ehcs.com.au>
    Networks: Fidonet
    Online 24 hours * 2 lines * Huge filebase - something
    for everyone Suports multi-platforms -- DOS OS/2
    Windows/95/98 Amiga Mac * Online-games * Large variety
    Conferences including GENEALOGY * Offline mail support
    * Wide range of files - Genealogy Games Utilities Music
    Craft Cooking Cheats/cracks Graphics Programming and
    much more! Members of Fidonet 3:633/153 Up to 33.6k
    Updated: 26 May 1999

    England, Exeter Digital Dilemma
    Phone: +44 (0)1626 830004
    Sysop: Simon Avery <savery@mail.zynet.co.uk>
    Networks: Fidonet CCI Infi Land Dog BBS Student Blush Uni Vibez
    A well supported and active echomail and programming
    oriented BBS running 24 hours a day. Points and mail
    feeds happily given.
    Updated: 14 July 2000

    New Zealand, Wellington GENBOARD/2
    Phone: 064-4-4791960
    Sysop: Elwyn Goldsbury <genboard@ibm.net>
    Networks: Fidonet
    not connected to internet.
    Updated: 16 March 2000

    USA, Louisville Mystic Hearth
    Telnet: telnet://hearth.dynip.com
    Sysop: Allen Prunty <alprunty@hearth.dynip.com>
    Networks: Fidonet Intelec Usenet
    Must use real names - no aliases / No exceptions
    Updated: 27 Oct 2000

    USA, Rochester Kraut Haus
    Phone: +1-716-359-0871
    Telnet: kraut.dyndns.org
    Sysop: David Moufarrege <david@kraut.xg.com>
    Networks: Fidonet
    I carry a variety of international echoes and add by
    Updated: 4 April 2000

    Wales, UK, Wrexham The Killing Ground
    Phone: +44-1978-751393
    Sysop: Neil Williams <neil@aio.co.uk>
    Networks: FidoNet AmigaNet LandNet InterNet 22_in_total
    The BBS is open only from 10pm until 8am. It isn't
    going to close next month, next year, and probably not
    for the next decade, and it is and will expand.
    Updated: 21 Sep 1999

    Keep well,

    Steve Hayes
    E-mail: methodius@bigfoot.com
    WWW: http://www.geocities.com/Athens/7734/steve.htm

    ... BBSs for genealogy: http://www.geocities.com/7783/bbs1.htm
    --- Blue Wave/RA v2.30
    * Origin: Novell User Group BBS, Pretoria, RSA. (5:7106/22)