• PUBLIC_KEYS Echo Suggestions

    From Moderator@1:3634/12 to All on Wed May 1 00:00:18 2013

    PUBLIC_KEYS Echo Guidelines: rev. 2 JUL 01
    Posting Frequency: 1st and 15th of the month.

    It is recommended that individual, public-keys be made available via
    Netmail or by file-request with the magic filename: PGPKEY and that the
    public-key provided for that request by given a distinctive filename
    using part or all of each provider's name and address. For example, on
    my system, a file-request of PGPKEY will give MFLKEY.ASC to the
    requesting system. A magic filename of KEYRING will yield my working
    Public Keyring as MFLPUB.PGP. INETRING will give you PUBKEYS.PGP which
    is a ring i downloaded from one of the large public keyservers some
    years back. This will avoid duplicate overwriting and make it easier
    to track the keys. Using standard magic filenames will make it easier
    to find keys and keyrings on different systems.

    The PGP and Privacy and encryption related files on each system should
    be maintained with a magic filename for file request. PGPFILES should be
    set on all participating systems to allow your current related files to
    be picked up at any time. It is suggested that the actual filename
    indicate the origin of the list to avoid confusion and overwriting.
    PGPFILES requested from this system =currently= returns no files.

    This Echo should currently be available on all fidonet backbones. It
    has been EListed since ELIST211. Please feel free to announce this Echo
    in all Nets and Networks.

    A companion Echo for the purpose of submitting public-keys only is now
    available as PKEY_DROP Echo. PKEY_DROP may be obtained via the same
    channels as PUBLIC_KEYS.


    If you lose your secret-key password [or forget it] or your secret-key
    in a drive crash [because you failed to back it up on floppy], you
    cannot issue a revocation certificate. In that case, you should make a
    general announcement in all related Echos that your old key should be
    disabled using the PGP disable command [PGP -kd userid] for your userid.
    That keeps your useless key on their keyrings [so they won't be replaced
    from other lists who didn't get the word] and permits them to add a new
    key from you without one interfering with the other. BACKUP! BACKUP!
    BACKUP! [clear?] [grin]


    Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12, wkitty42@alltel.net

    Conference Moderators

    Version: 2.6.2
    Comment: Privacy is a right to fight for.

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