• PUBLIC_KEYS Echo Rules

    From Moderator@1:3634/12 to All on Wed May 1 00:00:18 2013

    Conference rules for the PUBLIC_KEYS echo: rev. 2 JUL 01
    Posting Frequency: 1st and 15th of the month.

    1. The purpose of this echo is to provide a place to discuss
    public-keys for data privacy within FidoNet and elsewhere. We also
    consider electronic signature possibilities using public-keys and
    discuss data and software encryption and the various schemes and
    programs that produce them.

    This is a companion conference to PKEY_DROP Echo. It is distributed
    via the same channels as PKEY_DROP. It is highly suggested that
    both echos be made available on systems that carry one or the

    2. Stay on-topic. Topics of keys and encryption and related privacy
    and electronic signature issues are welcome. Others are not.

    3. No politics [except as it relates to privacy issues] and no

    4. No personal attacks, slurs or innuendo. Stick to issues not

    5. No Private flagged messages in Echomail! Encrypted traffic using
    public-keys is permitted for the exercise so long as it is
    on-topic. Don't send person-specific encrypted traffic. Such
    specific traffic belongs in direct Netmail. Encrypted traffic
    should be in the form of ASCII-armored or personal key encrypted
    messages that can be read by anyone with PGP 2.6+ and your
    public-key. Include your public-key in a separate message before
    sending such test messages in case the other end doesn't have it
    or make them aware of how to get it from your system. If you just
    want to post your public-key, use PKEY_DROP Echo.

    6. Clear-signed messages are not encrypted and may be used freely in
    this Echo.

    7. This Echo may be traveling around the world so try to be concise.
    Avoid excessive quoting for one-liner responses.

    8. Be aware that Echomail is NOT secure. Don't take anything at face

    9. The posts in this Echo are the sole responsiblity of the poster. If
    you need verification, use Netmail.

    10. The Moderator will deal with off-topic traffic. Don't respond for
    him. Links to this Echo will only be curtailed when absolutely
    necessary so please don't make it necessary. [grin]

    The Moderator is Mark Lewis at 1:3634/12. [KeyID: 0xB60C20C5]
    A Moderator Emeritus is Jim Cannell at 1:15/21. [KeyID: 0xB7822B3D]

    Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12, wkitty42@alltel.net

    Conference Moderators

    Version: 2.6.2
    Comment: Privacy is a right to fight for.

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