• eCS sio2k

    From Robin Hajek@2:420/33 to All on Thu Dec 18 08:53:56 2003
    Hi, All!

    my friend has some problems with SIO2K under eComStation 1.1 but he
    doesn't speak english, so I will try to translate his message for you...

    In OS/2 Warp 4, he used 3 "physical" serial ports COM1 (3F8/4), COM2
    (3F8/3) and COM3 (3E8/7). The were configured classical by the HW BIOS
    setup. Then, he used one virutal COM5 port for the Internet, Telnet
    etc. This old and functional setup is here:

    (COM1:57600,3F8,IRQ4,-)(COM2:57600,2F8,IRQ3,-) (COM3:57600,3E8,IRQ5,-) (COM5,INTERNET:4228,NONE:7,-)

    (COM1:57600,3F8,IRQ4,-)(COM2:57600,2F8,IRQ3,-) (COM3:57600,3E8,IRQ5,-)


    Please could you help us and tell us how to set the new version of
    SIO2K to this functionality? We have some similar questions from the
    next friends and we cannot find anything about this and virtual ports
    in documentation...

    Thank you very much,


    --- GEcho 1.20/KLF Team
    * Origin: POPPER Univerzal BBS (FidoNet), Praha, BOHEMIA & MORAVIA (2:420/33)