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    I have been playing with OS/2 for a little bit know and I have a few problems...

    I am currently using Warp 4 and I have installed the service pack 15. Currently
    I have my network working such that I can make telnet calls out, but that's it.

    I once had it able to read other drives on the machines I have on my LAN, but not now.... I had formatted my disk and did a fresh install to fix a problem...
    but found out later that it was a hardware issue and I should not have messed with a new install.

    My goals are simple enough...
    1) Communicate with the other systems on my LAN.
    2) Be able to communicate with the Internet ... Mail & Web.

    Anyway, I was hoping to give a call to someone who might have a few moment to help me... I have a Vonage line and can call you on my dime. This shouldn't take long... I know that I'm missing a few net use statements and some further explanation out the WAN side.

    I have taken several attempts to get this to work... and I'm asking nicely for a quick hand on this...

    Thanx in advance


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