• FREEDOS on OS/2?

    From Mike Luther@1:117/100 to All on Sun Dec 28 11:09:50 2014
    Howdy oldies here!

    Because of serious problems on the top end of memory for OS/2 'latest' when used with the later Lenovo laptops and OS/2 itself on many of the newer desktop
    motherboards with the 'later' video cards or on-board video support, the tiny top of the upper memory availability for DOS operations on OS/2 for most of this 'latest' hardware cannot shuffle the required upper memory into a 'place' in memory where the entire DOS useable memory can provide the required top chunk of DOS memory to use for up to, say, 675K worth of plain DOS usable memory.

    For a long time, Viet Kannegeiser in Denmark worked beautifully and spent a lot
    of time personally putting forth a patch for this titled PMVDMCC which did a wonderful job of letting OS/2 substitute a 'different' little 2K diddle of other memory to take the place of the original IBM snippet in plain OS/2 to patch the plain operating system gateway to let 'standard' DOS use the extra upper memory that enables serious DOS operations that need it to keep running on such things as the IBM Lenovo ThinkPad T40,T42, R51 and so on. By using that little 2K stack of memory at the top of the 640K DOS memory part of the 'standard' DOS memory for whatever.

    I've had a really nice relationship with Viet as part of his very nice contributions to us for a number of years early on into this. But as the horrible political mess between what I think most of us folks that want to carry the whole human tribe upward to the highest level on Earth can be and are
    not happy with whatever 'bad' human political 'folks' seem to want to 'profit' from, it appears to me that Viet gave up on this over sadness about the 'bad' viewpoints of some folks. Not me; much bigger than this.

    To 'solve' this whole issue so I can continue to carry things that absolutely work fine for DOS all the way from the 1970's up completely through today on OS/2 even latest and what will even be later, I experiemented with DOSBOX on OS/2 so I could get my own codework which also uses other very complicated massive database work that absolutely needs up to even this upper little level of memory. It works fine for my codework, but it also has little tiny needs for some memory up there that DOSBOX won't deliver nor seems to be available for some other folks work.

    When I just recently heard about FREEDOS, I went to GOOGLE and took a look at their site. It very intensly cites their work with plain DOS systems,Windows system work and Linux but does not mention OS/2. Sure, I could attempt to open
    up this subject with 'them', but before I try going down that trail, is there anyone else here that has done any research on the use of FREEDOS with OS/2?


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