• BBS down for room carpet

    From Chris Martin@1:219/308 to All on Mon Feb 16 20:16:13 2004
    Once upon a time, out on MARS.

    The SysOp sayeth:

    The MARS Station BBS will be down for several hours, Wed.
    while the computer room gets new carpeting. There will be
    some significant disruptions to the operation, while this
    occurs. We hope to be back up in the afternoon of Wed the
    18th, and have no major impact to the system forwarding.

    Shortly afterward, I will also be looking into upgrading
    the system to a newer computer, the one being used now is
    about 10 years old, and has not really missed a lick, but
    to get it networked properly, will take some newer
    hardwar, and a minor OS upgrade (Warp3 fp42) to either
    Warp3 Connect, or Warp4 (if I can get it installed). I
    have been extremely pleased with the performance of W3,
    and am loathe to change to any Winxx product. This will
    allow the addition of a TelNet node, and more frequent
    file transfers via the Internet (using InternetRex).

    Chris Martin, The MARS Station BBS

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