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    From Terry Bowden@3:772/20 to Russell Tiedt on Fri Jun 23 11:36:24 2000
    Last few messages in this area are:

    141 Gregory Urban David Noon GPFs in WinOS2
    142 David Noon Gregory Urban GPFs in WinOS2
    143 Kris Steenhaut David Noon GPFs in WinOS2
    144 Ruth Argust David Noon GPFs in WinOS2
    145 David Noon Ruth Argust GPFs in WinOS2
    146 Jack Stein All 1999 Msg Counts
    147 Russell Tiedt All Test
    148 Rafael Suarez Russell Tiedt Test
    149 Russell Tiedt Rafael Suarez Test
    150 Steve Hayes Russell Tiedt Teste Hayes

    Regards, Terry

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  • From Russell Tiedt@5:7106/23 to Terry Bowden on Sun Jun 25 13:51:58 2000
    Terry Bowden wrote in a message to Russell Tiedt:

    Msg's 141 - 146 in your short list never made it here.

    Thanks for your reply and the list.

    Go well,

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