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    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Fri Oct 13 20:26:42 2006
    Hello, All.

    I received this in the mail today. I don't play Trade Wars myself, but I thought this would be of interest:

    From: John Pritchett - EIS<twsurvey@eisonline.com>
    Date: 10/13/2006 12:04 AM
    Subject: Trade Wars Survey

    Dear Trade Wars fan,

    As we approach the 20th anniversary of the
    original release of Trade Wars (December, 1986), I
    am pleased to announce that I have reached an
    agreement with Sylien Entertainment to develop a
    long-overdue graphical remake of this classic
    game. But before we can proceed, we need your
    help. Because Trade Wars is 20 years old, I have
    lost touch with all but a small percentage of its
    fanbase. Unless we can reach out to this fanbase
    and prove that interest in Trade Wars still
    exists, we will be unable to secure the funding
    necessary to complete this project.

    To accomplish this, we are running a small survey
    to estimate the number of people who have played
    or hosted Trade Wars over the years. By answering
    this one-question survey, you will enable us to
    demonstrate the great potential of a new Trade
    Wars project. Nothing else will be required of
    you, but if you choose, you may request to receive
    a monthly Trade Wars newsletter with updates on
    our progress. And if you really want to help out,
    you can complete an optional, more extensive
    survey. We would love to learn more about your
    experience with Trade Wars.

    The survey is located at

    For this effort to succeed, I need you to forward
    this email to anyone who might be in contact with
    a past Trade Wars player or game host. Most of
    them have been away from the game for many years,
    and this is our only hope of reaching them.

    Thank you for helping us to update this classic
    game for a new generation of gamers!

    John Pritchett, EIS


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