• Newbie here

    From Donna Simonds@1:117/600 to All on Fri Sep 29 00:02:02 2006
    To all on this area:

    I'm new with a BBS running on an OS/2 dedicated R51 ThinkPad. Please keep the info comming. Would like to be able to eventually connect to a cell phone for a
    trip to Mather campground at South Rim of Grand Canyon. Lots to learn before then. No wi-fi or land lines in Nation Parks or Corp or Engineer Parks.

    Sorry to get off subject here, but with all the WindowZ problems this so much more stable and stays connected to the RV resort wi-fi better than my windows laptop.

    Donna Simonds
    MuddyCreekBBS rides on River OS/2

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  • From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to Donna Simonds on Fri Sep 29 00:23:40 2006
    Donna Simonds wrote in a message to All:

    To all on this area:

    Welcome. :)

    Sorry to get off subject here, but with all the WindowZ problems
    this so much more stable and stays connected to the RV resort wi-fi
    better than my windows laptop.

    Nah, you're not off-topic. We understand what you mean. If you're having problems with Max, you can try here or in the MUFFIN echo (the Maximus support echo). I used to run Max - I still have my installation on my hard drive - and
    many others in here either run or used to run Maximus, so you're in good company.

    Oh, I guess I should officially welcome you to the echo since I'm the moderator. <G>

    Feel free to pepper us with questions: we ALL would love some traffic in here.
    All these years of experience and we would love to share (right, guys and gals?).

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  • From Mike Luther@1:117/3001 to Donna Simonds on Fri Sep 29 12:02:06 2006
    To keep you and others even oldies here and stable with OS/2 for your BBS should you be battery inclined ..

    I'm new with a BBS running on an OS/2 dedicated R51

    Donna Simonds
    MuddyCreekBBS rides on River OS/2

    I happen to know that your R51 and T43 are in this group as best I can tell. It would be horrible to leave 1:117/600 up as an OS/2 BBS on FidoNet in this area and come home to a burned up RV.

    You'll have to be careful to make the IBM URL line all one line to punch it into your SeaMonkey to get the IBM website up to handle your battery ID process
    and claim if you need it. It may be that someone else here has the same problem .. The below is a quote from CRM Magazine's Email notices with full credit here to them:

    ************************** Article Below ***************************

    Folks with ThinkPads might note:

    Lenovo Recalls Sony-Made Battery Packs For ThinkPads

    By Edward F. Moltzen & Scott Campbell, CRN
    1:34 PM EDT Thu. Sep. 28, 2006

    Lenovo is recalling 168,500 ThinkPad notebook battery packs in the United States and another 357,000 worldwide, saying the lithium-ion batteries can "cause overheating, posing a fire hazard to consumers."

    The recalled batteries were sold between February 2005 and September 2006 for $150 to $180, according to a press release issued by Lenovo and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Sold with a notebook or separately, the batteries affect three ThinkPad product families: the T Series, including the T43, T43p and T60 models; the R series, including the R51e, R52, R60 and R60e models; and the X series, including the X60 and X60s models.

    IBM also was included in the announcement as joining the recall with Lenovo. IBM manufactured ThinkPads until it sold its PC business to Lenovo last year.

    More detailed information on the recall, including part and model numbers, can be found on the CPSC Web site.

    The recall was issued after a report of a ThinkPad T43 that caught fire at Los Angeles International Airport. Earlier this week, Lenovo said it was investigating the incident and confirmed that the notebook had a Sony-made battery pack.

    Raleigh, N.C.-based Lenovo is the latest PC maker to recall laptop batteries made by Sony, following massive recalls by Dell and Apple involving a total of some 6 million units. In addition, Toshiba is voluntarily exchanging some of its Sony notebook batteries because of what it said are quality control issues.


    ************************** Article Ending ***************************

    Since Fido has the line length issue of 80 characters in text mode,you'll need to remove the final underscore on that upper line and paste the next line starting with the word 'document' into your browser to hit that URL. I'm adding this comment in that I realize you are new to all this Donna. Just trying to help.

    More later on the cell phone use to host your FidoNet 1:117/600 BBS on OS/2 where we can't get to WiFi and so on..

    Sleep well; OS/2's still awake! ;)

    Mike @ 1:117/3001

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