• OS2DOS Echo Rules

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    |Conference rules for the OS2DOS echo: rev. 29 May 14 |Posting Frequency: 1st of the month.

    The objectives of the OS2DOS echo are:

    OS2DOS is for the discussion of DOS-based programs under OS/2's VDM
    system. Any discussion concerning the support, design, execution or
    settings of the VDM is acceptable here.

    If you have a specific DOS-based BBS running under OS/2 question,
    please take it over to the OS2DOSBBS echo where it would be more
    on-topic. However, you can discuss those questions here too.

    The rules of the OS2DOS echo are:

    1. No ads or flaming.

    2. No profanity.

    3. Stay on-topic as much as possible.

    4. English is the official language allowed in this echo, however,
    a message in your native tongue is allowed as long as there is
    an English translation in the same message.

    5. Be kind to others - they'll be kind to you.

    6. Please let the moderator do his job.

    Mark Lewis, 1:3634/12

    Conference Moderator

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