• SIO2K & Ray Gwinn #2

    From Robin K. Popper (hajek)@2:420/33 to All on Fri Jan 22 09:13:35 2021
    Hello everyone!

    We all know the situation with Ray Gwinn for many years. SIO2K has not been developed or sold for many years and there is no legal way to obtain a registered version.

    I asked in May 2020 and I ask again and again. Is there really nowhere in the world, not even here in this community, who has purchased and registered SIO2K, which does not require a user confirmation click when starting eCS or ArcaOS? Isn't there really such a person?

    I would like someone to be willing to sell or donate a registered version with respect to the completely non-functional Ray Gwinn? Thank you so much for your help.


    --- GEcho 1.20/KLF Team
    * Origin: POPPER Univerzal BBS (FidoNet), Praha, BOHEMIA & MORAVIA (2:420/33)