• ArcaOS 5.0.5 Now Available

    From Don Lowery@1:340/1000 to All on Sat Jun 6 14:46:25 2020
    Will be downloading mine very shortly!

    ArcaOS 5.0.5 now available

    Arca Noae is proud to announce the general availability of ArcaOS 5.0.5, the fifth maintenance release of ArcaOS 5.0 (Blue Lion).
    ArcaOS 5.0.5 introduces support for xHCI (USB3) controllers to install on a wider array of systems than ever before. What’s more, for updaters, even if your USB controller was previously unsupported, and you had to install or update from DVD in the past, you may now boot into the installer from USB
    stick to perform the update. USB3-attached keyboards and mice should work, as well.

    ArcaOS 5.0.5 includes over 100 updates, enhancements, and fixes since 5.0.4
    was released. If you have experienced difficulty installing previous releases of ArcaOS on your hardware, the fixes and updates included in 5.0.5 may
    address your issue(s). If installing from USB stick, the image may be created using any major operating system at hand (Windows, Linux, MacOS, and of
    course, OS/2, eComStation, and ArcaOS). Once built the USB stick can be inserted into any USB port in the target system to boot into the ArcaOS installer/updater.

    For a complete list of updates in this release, see the ArcaOS wiki. Be sure
    to review the README.TXT, as well, as this contains critical information to ensure that you get up and running fast, and includes tips for getting things adjusted right away.

    This update is included with your valid ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription at no additional charge. To download your fresh ISO, simply
    visit your customer portal page, select the Orders & Subscriptions link on
    the navigation panel to the left, then click on the order for your ArcaOS license. Once there, click the download link to request a fresh ISO, and wait for your notification email.

    If your ArcaOS Support & Maintenance subscription has already expired, and
    you missed your window of opportunity to renew at regular rates, you may
    still renew at less than the cost of a new ArcaOS license.

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