• Lora 2.99

    From Don Lowery@1:340/1000 to All on Thu May 21 22:00:45 2020
    Got my message bases & many of the file bases setup in the
    configuration...but the help files give me no idea on how to do the following steps:

    1. Make the BBS answer VMODEM at "RING" to allow me to use the BBS remotely. Currently...it will only answer on port 23 & then have to go to OS/2 to tell the BBS to answer. Once I do this...SNOOP.EXE lets me into the BBS.

    On the Linksys router...have upgraded the firmware to DD-WRT...then went up
    to the August 2019 mega. Was suggested to head to NAT/QoS to setup with the steps for port redirection. Didn't work.

    On the other hand...have SGMail setup. It will answer the phone & connect me
    to the version of TG/2 I have set up.

    2. Copied & setup the messages in the folders with the JAM format. Am using separate folder for each network...rather than one large one. Have attempted
    to figure out how to have Lora see the messages from my Mystic board...but it doesn't see them.

    3. Same issue with as with the message base. Still have some folders to setup for Lora to see/use. That will come soon.

    If anyone has run Lora & has a solution to these issues...please let me know.

    ACME BBS-Member of fsxNet/WWIVNet/SciNet/AmigaNet/VKRadio/FidoNet/MicroNet.

    --- Mystic BBS v1.12 A46 2020/04/21 (Windows/32)
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