• Finally got ArcaOS 5.0.4 installed!!!

    From Don Lowery@1:340/1000 to All on Tue Mar 3 23:15:37 2020
    I am stoked right now. In the past hour I got the OS installed on my new system. Runs like a dream!

    One thing I did find out...if you install by USB...when it reboots the 1st time...take out the flash drive until you see drivers start loading. As
    quickly as you can...put the drive back in to allow the installation to continue. On final reboot...pull out the USB drive and let it go straight to the desktop.

    On my system...it comes with 4 GB of memory & an 8 GB SSD drive. From the material I read...make kick the memory up to 16 GB & put on a 1 TB laptop
    drive I have sitting around. That's something coming down the road.

    ArcaOS works on this Lenovo ThinkCentre...so now to look at upgrading it one piece at a time. With the updates coming down the pike...looks like ArcaOS is going to something which gets better & better. Well worth the money if they keep doing it.

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