• Too much hassle. WAS: vinyl resting place

    From Tommi Koivula@2:221/6 to Robert Wolfe on Mon Mar 2 19:41:20 2020
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    Hi Robert.

    29 Feb 20 17:55, you wrote to me:

    I virtualized my very old running OS/2 computer about year or two ago.
    It is

    running under VMWare now, and it is very stable. No phone lines, no
    hardware, so it was quite painless conversion. Might be possible to run
    it i

    VPS too, but I haven't tried.

    I never got ArcaOS or ECS to virtualize properly under VMWare, which is why I use VirtualBox to handle that.

    I just found the ISO of ArcaOS 5.0 from the internet. Installed it into VMWare Workstation 15 running in Windows 7 64bit in my Dell E7250 laptop.

    Installed and runs fine. And so far it looks quite ok. Better than Ecomstation.


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