• Problems at Hobbes

    From Sean Dennis@1:18/200 to All on Thu Feb 13 18:15:02 2020
    Hi everyone,

    It looks like Hobbes, the OS/2 FTP archive site at hobbes.nmsu.edu, is up to their old games again sadly. I remember it was pretty bad between

    From a Facebook post in the "OS/2, Ecomstation & Arcaos" group I belong to:

    Please note that the current maintainer of the Hobbes archive
    (hobbes.nmsu.edu) has disabled upload rights and even in most cases access
    to the archive for most of Eastern Europe. This affects not only users in
    EE, but since much of the current development for OS/2 happens in that part
    of the world it means new software is not showing up on the site. So if you like to keep an eye on software updates for the platform you might be better off monitoring eC Soft/2 than Hobbes for the foreseeable future.


    Please note that this page show all changes to the eC Soft site for any
    given time period and not just new software releases.

    P.S. This sort of shit alongside random and even wholesale deletions and rejection of new files used to frequently happen on Hobbes in the 90's and
    well into the new century. However at the time it was usually not noticed
    by people due to the much higher volume of new files and happenings in the
    OS/2 world in general.


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