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    From https://tinyurl.com/unsycgx (arcanoae.com)

    What Arca NoaeaCOs upcoming UEFI support means for ArcaOS

    As we previously mentioned here, Arca Noae has been working to develop a solution to install and boot ArcaOS on UEFI-based systems. Many of these laptops, desktops, and servers lack a traditional BIOS, rendering them aCo until very recently aCo unsuitable for OS/2 (and thus, ArcaOS). Likewise, tablet devices and Chromebooks have been almost beyond our grasp, with very
    few exceptions.

    If you have attended any OS/2-focused events in the past year, you may have witnessed demonstrations of UEFI-based installations of ArcaOS. We are extremely pleased to announce that this functionality is in our betas for ArcaOS 5.1, and should provide a very smooth and similar installation experience to our current system install (DVD, USB, or hard disk partition).

    The work is not yet finished, and much remains to be completed, particularly
    in the area of DOS video support. Our objective, of course, is to have a
    fully functioning ArcaOS environment on this type of hardware, complete with full screen and windowed DOS and Win-OS/2 sessions. We are very close to accomplishing these goals.

    ArcaOS 5.1 will be an upgrade from ArcaOS 5.0. For a more complete list of planned enhancements for 5.1, as well as whataCOs in beta now for 5.0.5,
    please visit our ArcaOS Roadmap page.

    DonaCOt have ArcaOS yet? Now is a great time to pick up a license or two and replace that aging Warp 4 or eComStation installation and get to know whataCOs new and improved. ArcaOS runs the vast majority of existing OS/2 Warp 4 software, because it really is OS/2 aCo just better. ArcaOS supports more modern hardware than any other OS/2 distribution available today, making hardware upgrades much easier than ever before. An ArcaOS 5.0 license now means steep discounts on future upgrades, including 5.1.


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