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    were you using the older paid-for multi-domain version and then
    upgraded to the freeware version where everything is available?

    Yes, I had actually paid for it when it was shareware for the multi-domain version of the program. It was well worth what I paid for it :)

    i haven't done multiple domains with weasel for various reasons... the main ml>one is because i set up another solution on one of my *nix servers which ml>handles all mail like a central post office... my weasel only handles mail ml>for its domain and sends everything else to the central post office for ml>further distribution... i read through the docs on multiple domains some ml>time back but i don't recall if user definitions take the domain as part of ml>their format or not... yeah, i think i'd take this to the mailing list...

    I've been in touch with Peter Moylan during the day today and for some reason the issue we were previously discussing in this thread worked itself out.

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