• OS/2 back to IBM

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to All on Sat Apr 23 19:41:00 2016
    Hi all,

    Got this mail from Eugene Gorbunoff via e-mail,
    but since I've learned not to post to any .ru ISP,
    I thank Eugene this way, by posting the mail here;

    Subject: IBM OS/2 Warp / eComStation / Arca Noae
    From: Eugene Gorbunoff <eg@ecomstation.ru>
    Date: 21/04/2016 01:00

    Post short message to this site http://en.ecomstation.ru/commentnews.php?id=2472
    if you are happy to hear about OS/2 again.

    1) OS/2 returns to USA
    Arca Noae signed the agreement with IBM in November of 2015.

    Arca Noae goes release new OEM version of IBM OS/2 Warp
    in the third quarter of 2016.

    2) OS/2 is alive while OS/2 conferences occur:
    Visit the conference to meet the friends.

    * Warpstock Europe in May 2016: http://warpstock.eu/presentation
    Do you want make a presentation?!

    * Warpstock USA -- November 2016

    3) eCo Software offers bonus:
    Terms: April 2016 .. till May 22, 2016 (end of Warpstock Europe)

    Buy useful eCo Software application and get
    Essentials subscription (useful system tools updates during: 6
    (if you purchased our applications in the beginning of 2016, contact
    us to get other bonus)

    4) What is the area of OS/2 usage today?
    What solutions based on OS/2 your company will create?

    Or better share your success story, how OS/2 allows you economize
    resources or make money. Write text and send *copy* via

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    I just hope it will come at an acceptable price for us retierees.



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