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    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to All on Sun Mar 20 21:17:00 2016
    Hi all,

    I can't resist free updates <BG>. That was the reason why I bought a
    second hand stationary computer (Dell OptiPlex 760), with Windows 7pro installed.

    Just to take the advantage of the free Windows 10 upgrade.

    Sifting through the BIOS setup, I found something I've never seen B4. ____________

    Under Settings:
    +Post behaviour
    (v) OS Install

    This field determines the maximum amount of system memory available to
    the operating system. Some operating systems will not complete instal-
    lation with more than 2GB of system memory. If enabled (v) the maximum available memory is 256 MB.

    This is not the main cause of installation failures of OS/2 Warp, but
    could be good to remember, since Warp 4, including the GUI, needs only
    120 Mb of disk space.

    Also, OS/2 does not need the processing speeds necessary for Windows.

    We still have the problem that OS/2 Warp 4 will not install on machines
    with dual or quad CPU's. I have tried to deactivate one of the dual
    processors in a Lenovo laptop, without success.

    However, I have not (yet) checked what kind of RAM memory modules there
    are installed, and if one could be pulled out. The machine has 2Gb RAM.

    It's easy enough to partition the HDD to max. 2 Gb partitions for OS/2,
    but has of course to be done before anything is installed on the machine

    My favourite installation is to install the OS/2 operating system and
    necessary tools to a 512 Mb partition, because I have a 512 Mb USB stick
    for backup, and then the rest of programs to a 2 Gb partition.

    The OS/2 programs are so compact that I get a lot of them into 2 Gb.
    I may also leave an extra 2 Gb partition for other OS/2 and DOS, before installing Windows or whatever on the rest of available disk space into
    a couple of partitions. One mainly for the operating system.

    Since WfWG 3.11 I have always installed Windows on logical partitions
    F: or G:. This machine does have OS/2 installed on H: and it also
    includes the old WfWG 3.11, but that is not used anymore.



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