• Warp 4 Error

    From Mike Luther@1:117/100 to Anyone here on Mon Mar 14 14:30:26 2016
    Howdy ..

    I have a major OS/2 Mp4 'normal' complex system which suddenly is refusing to open each now non-regular desktop object in the 'normal' standard position that
    is in a 'standard' position on the desktop. The normal standard size window for
    multiple programs one may open. Now, yes, if you right click the top left hand spot on the blue bar there is a 'scroll' option which I have never used. However is this crazy error, each object you open even such as a blank DOS or OS/2 window desired, flips down and to the right in the sort of scroll format instead of over-laying over the 'top' item at the same point on the desktop total screen! Something went nuts on this system that started this error. From decades ago I sort of recall seeing a discussion of this issue but now at my current intense mind fill for a lot of other things besides OS/2, I can't recall how to trace and fix this! This issue popped up when the box strangely locked up and I was wondering if I was going to have to force re-boot it. There were multiple objects on top of each other as normal. But the keyboared wouldn't respond and the clock top activity was jammed as well too. I moved the mouse up to see if the mouse worked. It was as normal at that time actually touching inside the 'top' window and then when I touched the left key on the mouse the whole system suddenly was working again! But this time with the strange auto scroll effect for opening multiple windows size objects in the
    little top left down and to the right for each new opject selected. In this case also the entire desktop is normal for each formal desktop item selected and where it has been originally set to be when I click on it.


    Mike Luther as N117C at 1:117/100

    * Origin: BV HUB CLL(979)696-3600 (1:117/100)