• Re: Who is running FD as

    From Holger Granholm@2:20/228 to Elmo Jensen on Thu Oct 15 16:48:00 2015
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    Thanks Tommi for the idea!

    In a message on Thursday 10-14-15 Elmo Jensen said to Holger Granholm:

    Hej Elmo,

    You are partially right ;) As I remember, the only thing in FD.DOC
    about Telnet, is the Telnet capability in the Terminal, where you
    can connect to Telnet BBS's.

    I think that Telnet:ing had not really settled for BBS:ing in 1999 when
    I registered the FDAPX115 program.

    You'r right. Me too have a lots of files on my BBS, about FD and
    setups, but nothing about that thing :(

    Well, if I find a solution, I will post it in the FD echo ;)

    Not necessary for me. I don't subscribe to the FD echo.

    Ha en bra dag,


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