• Who is running FD as Telnet Mailer?

    From Tommi Koivula@2:221/1 to Elmo Jensen on Wed Oct 14 18:05:49 2015
    14 Oct 15 06:35, Elmo Jensen wrote to Tommi Koivula:

    Yes, it can be difficult with big sata drives. I haven't
    tried a fresh install to a physical hardware for a looong time.

    It's not a SATA hd-drive, but an IDE hd-drive, as I remember 360GB.
    But as I remember there was something with a driver which should be replaced with another - on the install disk, before the restart after
    the install will run, but I can't remember how and which :(

    It should be possible to install WSEB to that IDE drive.

    If not, as you said, I'd try to replace ibm1s505.add with danis506.add.

    Directory of \\rbb\e$\OS2\BOOT\*506*add

    DaniS506.ADD 75122 24.04.13 4:00
    IBM1S506.ADD 62730 28.06.02 19:26

    Also try to create a small system partition, <8GB.


    PS. I'm running a Telnet and Vmodem mailer at rbb.homeip.net. Telnet port is 32, vmodem port 3141. Not Frodo but Xenia.

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