• Jar file source?

    From Mike Luther@1:117/100 to All on Tue Aug 25 11:56:58 2015
    Howdy OS/2 crew.

    I formally have three OS/2 Email programs. I don't normally use it, but lately had to start checking a non-normal Email site that I needed to use the PolarBar
    Email program for testing purposes. Suddenly for the first time I've ever seen
    on opening the program for the initialization, a temporary little alert window pops up which advises me that program file is not present in the system called HotJavaBean.jar in a directory that is expected to be available for the PolarBar use. The alert window then says that PolarBar will revert to the older ICE browser program when you click on the OK button, I do that and the whole PolarBar operation goes as desired.

    From the current QTH and available stuff, I've done a Hobbs site search for that file in the whole archive. No such file. As best I can tell this system actually has Java 1.42 installed on the very latest OS/2 2.45 version with all the latest fixpack XCR0005 with all the extra sub-correction IBM team work which is not the XCR0006 latest version that more or less comes with the last version of ECS which I have paid for the right to install and use. However for
    other reasons I've never moved to use of ECS at all yet.

    Any thoughts on what might have caused this? The 'ICE browser' that it says is
    still in use seems to work just fine.

    Mike Luther as N117C at 1:117/100

    * Origin: BV HUB CLL(979)696-3600 (1:117/100)