• Another way of doing IP Conecntivity.

    From Jasen Betts@1:218/903 to Malcolm Miles on Tue Jul 16 13:22:40 2002
    Hi Malcolm.

    15-Jul-02 16:14:55, Malcolm Miles wrote to Jasen Betts

    On Jul 14, 2002 Jasen Betts wrote to Peter Knapper:

    The following is purely theoretical, and any node numbers used
    are imaginary. The domain name "fidonet.org" used here is purely
    an example, and may not actually be available. The IP numbers
    used are also theoretical

    FWIW, Last I heard Fidonet.org still had the same out of date web
    site on it as it had last century :(

    A Web site has nothing to do with a domain name.

    I wasn't implying that aything was broken just stating that fidonet.org
    althoug used purely as an example it is actually an existting domain name.

    Try sending an email to malcolm.miles@f260.n633.z3.fidonet.org and
    you will see that the fidonet.org domain is up and running

    yrah, if it wasn't running the website would be unavailable.

    Bye <=-

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