• Bad nodelist data

    From Jesper S÷rensen@2:204/255 to Jan Vermeulen on Wed Jan 8 18:15:37 2003
    As I told you, you wont loose the data.

    Nor will it get to the top for integration in that week's and who knows how mainy next weeks' nodelists. And that is a loss, not for me,
    but for the net, because it spells loss of connectivity for that or
    those unlisted or wrongly listed node AND all other correct changes
    that were in that same list. Until I find out when coming home from a holyday or the hospital.

    I don't know how you do it but most *C:s I know would not submit a [broken] segment, without first checking it for validity, without checking the submission results and then make themselves unavailable for a couple of weeks.

    If a *C submits a broken segment, that's his fault and nobody else's. If I should submit a broken segment (which I try not to) I would expect to have it rejected so I could fix the problem and resubmit. Allowing programs to automatically "fix" problems is very dangerous ground. "None will thank you if it suceeds but many will flame you when it fails..." ;-)

    Maintaining nodelist data is the primary job of *C:s and it's really not that difficult (I'm a Fidonet NC and othernet RC so I know). If a *C can't handle his job he should let someone else do it.

    * Origin: Singularity/2 - Swedish Internet Backbone (2:204/255)
  • From Jan Vermeulen@2:280/100 to Jesper S÷rensen on Wed Jan 8 21:56:42 2003
    Quoting Jesper S÷rensen on Wed 8 Jan 2003 18:15 to Jan Vermeulen:

    If a *C submits a broken segment, that's his fault and nobody

    Thank you for not allowing me to go on holyday ;-)

    -=<[ JV ]>=-

    * Origin: The Poor Man's Workstation -- Wormerveer NL (2:280/100)