• Weekly Song Update

    From Mike Dippel@3:712/1321.5 to ALL on Sun Jun 19 09:25:50 2022
    I update the website https://www.marcomendez.net/digital_classroom.htm on a weekly
    basis to include the songs and arrangements done by Marco Mendez.

    This 'Digital Classroom' page contains the monthly lessons provided by Marco Mendez for
    the Lowrey & Roland organs, as well as the Yamaha Genos, Tyros & Clavinova keyboards,
    listed by Month in the order they were released.

    If you own one of these instruments or just want to hear the song played, feel free to click
    the link to any of the songs to hear them.

    Mike Dippel
    http/telnet hobbylinebbs.com

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