• BOOK: Hearts on Fire

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    An authoritative, unprecedented account of how in the early
    2000s Canadian music finally became cool

    Hearts on Fire is about the creative explosion in Canadian
    music of the early 2000s, which captured the world's attention
    in entirely new ways. The Canadian wave didn't just sweep over
    one genre or one city, it stretched from coast to coast,
    affecting large bands and solo performers, rock bands and DJs,
    and it connected to international scenes by capitalizing on new
    technology and old-school DIY methods.

    Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Feist, Tegan and
    Sara, Alexisonfire: those were just the tip of the iceberg.
    This is also the story of hippie chicks, turntablists, poetic
    punks, absurdist pranksters, queer orchestras, obtuse
    wordsmiths, electronic psychedelic jazz, power-pop supergroups,
    sexually bold electro queens, cowboys who used to play speed
    metal, garage rock evangelists, classically trained solo
    violinists, and the hip-hop scene that preceded Drake.

    This is Canada like it had never sounded before. This is the
    Canada that soundtracked the dawn of a new century.

    Featuring more than 100 exclusive interviews and two decades of

    Hearts on Fire: Six Years that Changed Canadian Music 2000-
    2005 | Hardcover

    Michael Barclay

    ECW Press

    Music / Genres & Styles - Rock / Social Science / Popular Culture / Biography & Autobiography / Music

    Published Apr 26, 2022

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