• Sway..

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Mike Dippel on Wed Apr 13 21:01:00 2022
    Hello Mike Dippel!

    ** On Tuesday 12.04.22 - 22:03, Mike Dippel wrote to ALL:

    I had a request to play and record the song, "Sway". Does
    anyone know this song? I should have an arrangement for
    it soon. I'm looking forward to learning it, then
    uploading it to the channel.

    Is that the same tune as "Sway With Me"? I've seen the same
    tune referred to as just "Sway".

    I first heard it in the film "Dark City" (1998). I was
    impressed with that version by Anita Kelsey. The mood of the
    film made it work for me.


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