• If you have any recommendations, I'm all ears LOL

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    Hello Darkman Almighty!

    I personally don't own a lot of CD's, primarily because
    it's so often theres only one hit and the rest if meh.
    More so will say passing fancy or worse yet, one hit
    wonders lol. As you become familiar with the artist, you
    just know the album will not disappoint.. and really, my
    short list is pretty short.

    One consistent common denomintor that I've found in recordings
    where ALL the tunes are excellent are those mastered by Bernie
    Grundman or Bob Clearmountain. Those guys have/had long waiting
    lists or submissions for their work. I was digging into some of
    this many many years ago and learned that they would only do
    music that only appealed to them too. Before then, I kept a
    small pile of CDs where most of tunes were brilliant
    experiences and noticed that the mastering was most often those
    guys! Then, at one point I prioritized my CD purchases that
    bore their names.

    Today, in the age of streaming, the mastering tag is next to
    nonexistent, so it's hard to know which complete album is worth
    acquiring, but now we can also sample an entire album before
    prchase, or just purchase the indivual tunes that appeal to us.

    But in the age of physical CDs, Clearmountain and Grundman
    performed magic. It's relatively easy to find their work now
    on the www. Maybe explore something in their catalog for a
    rewarding experience.

    If you have any recommendations, I'm all ears LOL.
    Happy listening,

    About 13 years go, two singers formed an unlikely duo: Allison
    Krause + Robert Plant. I remember reading some editorials and
    calling the pair "the beauty and the beast". Their
    collaborative album "Raising Sand" is wonderful.

    They've partnered in a recent recording "Raise the Roof". It's
    not bad. I like tracks 1-6. I could pass 7-12, but maybe
    they'll grow on me.
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