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    ..I remain undecided with Sting's new album. Most of the
    tunes sound "solo" with a simple accompaniment [...]

    An update..

    I produced a physical CD of the tunes and have given the album
    at least 3 spins. I noticed that if I play the recording in
    original order.. the songs seem to tell a story. The songs have
    many references to scripture, God, etc. Perhaps, now in his
    sunset years, Sting is musing life more passionately.

    1. Rushing Water: the funky sounds and beats are very nice.
    A reference to "Jonah". But "God's own daughter" [?] I don't
    understand that reference.

    2. If It's Love: references to church bells, what the doctor
    said, "If it's love there's no cure.."

    3. The Book of Numbers: that's a scripture reference. "Thank
    the Lord..", the holy book of Numbers, parables in the
    scriptures, gates of heaven, mercy, angels. The song has a
    familiar "Sting" treatment.

    4. Loving You: I really like this one! It has a nice funky laid
    back style. "I pray that the waters of forgiveness will look
    down on me." "We will walk in righteousness".

    5. Harmony Road: Ironically, this one doesn't have much
    harmony! :( This is the first tune that strikes me as
    minimalist, a solo, and not much Sting-treatment. I would tend
    to avoid this song.

    6. For Her Love: nice guitar and beats. This one works well.
    In a few places his voice "breaks" and that's pretty cool. Nice

    7. The Hills on the Border: So-so. A musing on life, the
    devil, a gravestone reference, the fiddles and accordian give
    it country-tune feel. I could pass on that one. But it's not a
    standout for me.

    8. Captain Bateman: a minstrel tune. There's a story to tell.
    The accompaniment and the glimpse of the female voice makes it

    9. The Bells of St. Thomas: "last day is the judgment". "walk
    to the church" "the wounds we all share". A weird dark song.

    10. The Bridge: "the bridge out there.." "we are bags of blood
    and bone", "the bridge we will find somehow, only then we will
    be delivered". A non-threatening solo. But I miss the artistry
    and more harmonies that he could apply.

    11. Waters of Tyne: Sounds like "10" above. A solo. I could
    skip this one.

    12. Captain Bateman's Basement: I wonder what the reference to
    Cpt. Bateman is all about (again) - see #8 above. But this one
    is entirely in scat. It's pretty interesting this way. I like
    it. It has a jazz-like complexity that is interesting.

    13. Dock of the Bay: This is a complete surprise. Why is this
    cover compelling for Sting? Why would he even NEED to do a
    cover, unless the message of the song "wasting time",
    loneliness, ties into the theme of life, love, hope and loss
    that the album seems to be about. And.. he seems to know how to

    It made a big difference to hear the recording on proper open-
    air speakers. I wouldn't hesitate to spin this one up on
    repeat a few more times when I need to relax.

    The whole recording *is* growing on me!

    I haven't encountered a recording that I would buy as a genuine
    CD in a long time. I've got around 2000 from previous decades.

    I recently revisited my copy of Don Henley's "The End Of The
    Innocence" and noticed one particular song for the 1st time:

    "Gimme What You Got" ..that one has a nice opening groove that
    I don't think I paid attention to before.

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