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    From Mike Dippel@3:640/1116 to ALL on Sat Sep 18 12:53:06 2021
    My wife and I spent several days in Branson, MO and went to 2 great shows! The first
    was 'Legends' which had impersonators of Frank Sinatra, Carrie Underwood, The Blues
    Brothers, Pat Benatar, and Elvis.

    Each did a great job and each looked very similar to their respective personalities. I
    figured this show could not be beat, and then we went to another show the following day
    on a showboat called 'The Branson Belle'.

    This dinner cruise included a magician/emcee, a singing and dancing troupe, and the
    food was well worth the cost of admission.

    We saw the Heygoods. I didn't think at first it could be better than the Legends, but it
    was. There were 5 brothers and 1 sister in the group, and each played several instruments. We heard country, rock and roll, pop and more. The vocal harmonies were
    fantastic and the instrumental harmonies were as well.

    There was one song where the female played the harp while 2 of the brothers used their
    fiddle bow strings to play different notes on the harp at the same time. Awesome! They
    invented a guitar that had strings on the top to play bass, a normal guitar in the middle
    and harp strings on the bottom. So, 3 people were playing the 1 guitar at the same
    time. Never saw anything like that before.

    This was our 2nd trip to Branson. The first allowed us to see Andy Williams before he
    died. Branson is a great destination for entertainment.

    Mike Dippel

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