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    No doubt, the Gaga persona is very talented and knows how
    to control her voice and stay in key. But most of her
    appeal requires the visual theatrical element too to draw
    attention (albiet distracting from the strange lyrics at
    the same time.) [...]

    She claims to be the next Madonna. Which Madonna wants to
    be like the next Lady Gaga.

    I've heard that they were throwing criticisms at each other.
    Primarily, I think it was M that called G a copy-cat or

    But I think G has greater vocal talent than M. Whereas M has a
    greater musical talent than G.

    I've liked a few earlier tunes of hers, but the last best one
    was on the True Blue album. Live to Tell is a very nicely
    designed ballad, used in the film At Close Range (I fine film -
    albiet dark near the end - as I recall).

    I took a little time to audition a couple of M's albums today.
    In her latest album she doesn't sound right. It's as if the
    voice has been altered to sound younger.

    These are the only ones that I like across her Rebel Heart and
    Madam X recordings:

    https://open.spotify.com/user/6mhrz90aernzucux1fjas12u9/ playlist/0eLimsWighgk6M4bvOa5m9

    Only 2 songs on Madam X appeal to me. The rest try too hard to
    be trendy. I feel that she wants to compete with the younger
    singers like Arianna Grande.

    Based on the titles of the songs, it looks like M she is
    consumed by "mercy, god, devil, praying, holy water, messiah",
    and political/social messages thrown in.

    I think she would fair better if she stuck to ballads and the
    lower range of her voice. The song "Killers Who Are Partying"
    on Madame X has a nice overall sound.

    Rebel Heart is the last album where her voice sounds unaltered.
    "Inside Out" has a nice low bass underlayer. "Wash Over Me"
    is easy on the ears. "Ghosttown" is a cool almost-ballad.
    "Devil Pray" gets to the screetchy level, but I can appreciate
    the technical experiments in that one; musically it sounds fun.


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