• Marco's July Seminar

    From Mike Dippel@3:640/1116 to ALL on Thu Jul 15 09:36:38 2021
    Hi Musicians,

    Marco's Seminar scheduled for this month (July) will be held next Tuesday, July 20th at
    10 am Pacific and 1 am Eastern.

    The subject will be "Product Tricks". In the seminar you will learn to:

    1. Work With Standard Introductions so they don't sound the same all the time. 2. Work With Standard Endings so they don't sound the same all the time.
    3. How to Improvise on the Fly (The Easy Way)
    4. Using Marco's Free Sound Effects (mp3 files supplied)
    5. How To Use the Lowrey Golden Harp or the Yamaha Arpeggiator

    You will learn how to use these tricks on your Lowrey Organ and Yamaha keyboard
    during the seminar.

    Join me on Tuesday, July 20th at 10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern.
    There is a link on the home page of Marco's website https://www.marcomendez.net to
    sign up and pay for this seminar.

    After you have paid for the seminar, the link to attend the Zoom seminar and the link for
    the needed files in the Dropbox will be sent to you in an email on Sunday, July 18th.

    If you can not make it to the seminar, it will be recorded and the video will be available
    after the seminar BUT you must pay for the seminar and the links and materials by
    Sunday, July 18th.

    Please join me for this seminar to Sound Like A Pro.

    Thank you,

    Marco Mendez

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