• country music awards

    From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to All on Sun Apr 18 23:00:00 2021
    Hello All,

    I didn't think I would keep the (apparently live) Academy of
    Country Music Awards playing in the background 8pm - 11pm this
    evening - while busy with other stuff.

    I'm not entirely a country music fan. But there were some
    really decent pieces.

    I've tagged a few on my Spotify.

    One of the last performances by Little Big Town on the street
    was fun to watch. The song... very country "The wine.. the
    beer, the whiskey.. the only things that fix me." :D (Almost
    like a Shooter Jennings song.)

    Keith Urban hosted the show. I still don't see him has a country
    music artist - his stuff seems to verge quite heavily into rock
    most of the time.

    Very talented singers and musicians. Excellent collaborations,
    great duets, harmonies. The sound and productions went without a

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