• Marko Hietala leaves Nightwish

    From Wilfred van Velzen@2:280/464 to All on Tue Jan 12 12:49:58 2021
    Hi All,



    Bye, Wilfred.

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  • From August Abolins@2:221/1.58 to Wilfred van Velzen on Tue Jan 12 07:08:00 2021
    Hello Wilfred!

    ** On Tuesday 12.01.21 - 12:49, Wilfred van Velzen wrote to All:



    I hear several things in that message. He's pissed off at the
    excessive profiteering of his band's material and not getting a
    fair compensation for their source creativity and work.

    Meanwhile, it's the bleak bleak winter and depression is quite
    common. At least he acknowledges that, and recognizes the
    existence of his family of support.

    Hopefuly this pause he makes will give his mind the rest he


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